The Wonders Of Using Argan Oil Regularly

I am sure you must be wondering what exactly is this Argan oil and which areas of the world it is produced? Argan oil (also known as Moroccan oil by some folks) is a golden coloured oil that is made by extracting the ripe fruits of the Argan tree and grinding it to produce the oil inside. The yield of the fruits depends on the quality of the Argan seed and also the extraction technique that is used to produce the oil. Argan oil fruits are oval and they are usually harvested at the end of July and the beginning of August. This wonder oil has been produced only by the people in Morocco for centuries now. It is a beauty secret that has been used by the Berber women and it gives them so many skin and hair benefits. The Argan tree has been around for thousands of years now, and this is because of its amazing ability to endure long periods of droughts, high temperatures and very tough climate circumstances in its environments.

Argan oil is used for cosmetics and beauty remedies.

This is the reason why the Moroccan government uses this tree for afforestation. The significant use of this tree, however, is for the oil that can be produced from it. The residue left behind from the fruits when the oil is extracted from it is used for food, while the oil is used for cosmetics and beauty remedies. It is because of the Argan tree’s unusual properties that it is regarded as an extraordinary resource that is exclusive to Morocco. In case you have not noticed, Argan tree can only be found in Morocco (precisely only in the southwestern part of the country) and this makes it a scarce tree. It is its rareness that makes the region where it grows a UNESCO-protected area when it was declared a world-wide biosphere reserve in 1998. So in other words, since the tree itself is limited in number, Moroccan oil is also limited in supply and that is what makes it more expensive than other oils. In other words, since the tree itself is limited in number, Moroccan oil is also limited in supply and that is what makes it more expensive than other oils. Growing the trees outside southwestern Morocco is impossible.

How Do You Make Use Of This Wonder Oil And Reap Its Benefits?

Argan oil has been used naturally by Moroccans for centuries now. This is mainly because it can be used in multiple ways and it offers you so many health benefits. For years now, this miracle oil has been the number one multipurpose oil that is currently being sold that is used in food, health-care and also in making cosmetics. It lives up to its nickname of – \”the miracle oil from Morocco\”. Although it can be used in other ways, the reason why Moroccan oil became very popular is that of its use in cosmetics. There are very few natural products that can compare to this product concerning the benefits that it gives. It is the most expensive oil presently and it is the cosmetic industry that has driven up its value tremendously. Argan oil has very high amounts of sterols, essential fatty acids, vitamin A and E. This has been scientifically proven. This is the reason why it is very effective in nourishing, protecting and repairing your skin and hair. This is why this oil is even recommended as a natural remedy for aging skin and also as a remedy for preventing and treating so many skin and hair problems. Another extraordinary thing about this oil is that unlike so many other beauty remedies this oil is beneficial to everyone (it does not matter the age or gender). This is the reason why it has been given so many special titles worldwide like:

The Anti-Aging Elixir orThe Magic Oil from Morocco

Each benefit that Moroccan oil provides seems to make it more popular as a beauty remedy and cosmetics ingredient. This is why there are so many skin care and hair products that are lying that they include Argan oil as one of their ingredients. Even the merchants that do put the oil in their products put a minimal quantity. All this is to ride on the popularity of the oil. This is why so many of these products that claim to contain this oil don’t even bother stating the percentage of Argan oil that is in their cosmetics, because they are fully aware that just by lying about the fact that the product contains the oil would make so many people interested in their products when in reality they put minimal amounts of the oil in the products. Now if you want to know how much Argan oil to use, then you need to take a critical look at the people that use it in its pure state and for the longest time – which are the local people living in the southwest of Morocco.

The local women are known to have that Mediterranean glow on their skin!

The residue left behind from the fruits when the oil is extracted from it is used for food.

This all points to one glaring fact – if you can, it is best that you use Moroccan oil in its pure state. This would give you faster and more noticeable benefits this is a lot better than using products that are supposed to contain the oil as one of their ingredients. Make sure that you use pure and organic Moroccan with no other oil, cream or lotion if you want to get the most of it. And you should apply it regularly (it should be daily) as this is the best way that you would see noticeable results quickly. Some so many merchants sell adulterated oils and present them as being 100 % pure and organic.  This oil is an expensive and rare commodity and this is why there are so many dubious merchants that try to swindle unsuspecting customers. This is why you should stick to companies that are known for quality.