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Could Boiled Greek Coffee Be the Super-Powered Drink to Protect the Heart?

Boiled Greek coffee is the latest so-called revolutionary longevity discovery ever since resveratrol was discovered during the French Paradox that is about to take the media spotlight by storm. Findings from a study published very recently by Vascular Medicine show that the island of Ikaria scattered off mainland Greece, clearly show that its inhabitants hold some of the best longevity records globally, where many live well into their 90’s and beyond.


greek coffee
Greek coffee is more abundant in the compounds known as chlorogenic acids.

Could Greek coffee be the super-powered drink to protect your heart?

Scientists have concluded that the answer most likely lies in their locally homemade coffee, Ikaria coffee. Making coffee in Ikaria has become a daily social ritual on this island, where preparing and then mildly roasting the green coffee beans usually takes place after an afternoons nap in the presence of families. Why boiled Greek coffee? Why their type of coffee has been singled out by scientists as to be the most likely contributor to their longevity is that it is shown to improve your Endothelial function. This means your cardiovascular health vastly improves, freeing up arteries from clogged up fatty tissue, toxins and waste which can lead to inflammation and heart disease. Just one cup of boiled Greek coffee a day is said to gradually improve your cardiovascular health which in time may have a profound effect on your longevity.

Could this be the key to protecting your heart to living a longer healthier life?

Well, this groundbreaking new study may potentially be real. Why? – Because Greek coffee is more abundant in the compounds known as chlorogenic acids. Chlorogenic acids are most prevalent in the green coffee bean before it is roasted, but under standard coffee making procedures, up to 95 % of this is lost. Beneficial to cardiovascular health in a lot of ways, they also help lower blood sugar levels thus reducing your possibility of developing diabetes type 2. Green coffee extracts will additionally increase your metabolism instructing weight loss, and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, so the chlorogenic acids are essentially a super concentrated, big whopping dose of anti-oxidants that pack a punch.

Why Greek coffee and not other coffees?

Helping to extract more of the chlorogenic acid as the particles are much more elegant.

The answer lies in the preparation. Unlike coarse or medium grain coffee, the Greeks still practice this very earliest form of preparing coffee which originated in Yemen, by grinding it into an excellent grain like an espresso texture, and then boiling it, therefore helping to extract more of the chlorogenic acid as the particles are much more elegant. Next, the boiling time has to be just about right  While boiling, the coffee will form this thick coat and it only takes just a few minutes till it thickens and is then served. Any longer and you will lose many of the anti-oxidant goodies. Scientists then argue that it’s these power-packed anti-oxidant goodies which help heal your Endothelial cells, restricting your chances of a blood clot and potentially dying from America’s number one cause of death – heart disease.